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New Products

  • Pop Fuego

    Check out the newest product added to Rikkos' catalog! The new Pop Fuego is a popcorn take on the famous Takis Fuego snack!

Products Overview

Rikkos distributes and sells a great selection of latino snacks and candy, offering a mix of very original sweet and spicy products . We offer exclusive natural snacks, made with the freshest ingredients and spices.

Our brands of products include Barcel' snacks with the Mexican flavor everybody loves. It's leader product Takis comes in different flavors like the hot chili pepper, the lime, hot sauce habanero and the guacamole. We also distribute Artisan Tropic plantain and cassava chips in a variety of flavors like sweet, salted and chile.

The Ricolino, Coronado and Vero candies we distribute have that unique sweet and spicy flavor that Mexican tradition has.

Top Brands

Artisan Tropic

Healthy snacking. Redefined. Great treats that are also healthy and wholesome.


Manufactured snacks with the mexican flavor that you love.


Sweet flavor to put on bread or eat alone.


The sweets brand with innovative flavors.

Dulces Vero

Sweet and spicy unique treats with Mexican tradition.

Popular Products

Takis Fuego

Barcel - 113.4G 4OZ 16P

Takis Fajita

Barcel - 16P 113.4G/4OZ


Barcel - 70G 2.46 Oz 12P Bar Exp

Chips Limon

Barcel - Toreadas Limon Chipottle 53G

Bubulubu 8's

Ricolino - 280G 9.9 OZ 12P

Vero Elote

Dulces Vero - 16G 5.64 OZ (40pz) 24P

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