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While the caramel is a Mexican product, which is preferred by the local people, Coronado has crossed borders and has become known-and positioning-abroad, making it a highly demanded product that conquered the U.S. market States.

Nationally, Coronado is the leading brand, which exceeds in volume and quality to any other caramel on the market, and remains at the forefront of innovative flavors, presentations and designs. One of the factors contributing to this is that Coronado has always been a priority to meet consumers and offer products specifically designed to meet their needs and maintain quality and excellent distribution. Another important aspect is the packaging innovation for its products: its constant search for greater convenience and comfort to consumers has led to the incorporation of new presentations to the line.



Barcel - 140G 4.93 OZ 12P

Tira Paletón

Barcel - 14G 0.49 OZ (12pz) 50P