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Artisan Tropic

For the past 10 years Rikkos, Inc. has built a reputation on exceptional service and customer relations. We are pleased to present Artisan Tropic, a brand focused on 100% natural, healthy and delicious snacks!

Harvested and prepared in Colombia, SA, these plaintain strips are manufactured to highest standard. They are Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo Certified, have No Preservatives, and are Non-GMO.

The plantains are cut in thin strips giving them a nice crunch that is not too hard. The long cut makes them easier to handle and less messy on the go. Flavors include, naturally sweet, sea salt, and, exclusively, cinamon.


Plantain Strips

Artisan Tropic plantain strips are a delicious and healthy spin on an old favorite. They are cut long, cooked with palm oil and come in three natural flavors including cinamon, sea salt, and sweet.

Cassava Strips

Artisan Tropic cassava strips are a delicious and healthy spin on a traditional potato chip. They are more fiberous that potato chips for a fuller snacking experience! They are also cut long and cooked with palm oil! .